So I haven't posted in a while, all due to sheer laziness + partaking in uninteresting activities. My schedule usually consists of wake up, work out (if I wake up in time), go to work, come home, and sleep. Then it repeats all over again. This vicious cycle got the better of me, as I was feeling extremely lethargic after coming home from work and having to go back in the next day and do the same shift. This became my routine for quite a while, but I decided I wanted to change things up a bit. So in addition to the mundane life I was living, I decided I wanted to turn it up a notch and focus on building a healthier me.
I started waking up much earlier, working out by doing several cardio exercises mixed in with multiple toning challenges, as well as creating a healthier diet for myself throughout the day. After doing this for about a week, I felt like a had much more energy during my days at work, a kind of ease to waking up earlier, and was just feeling a whole lot better in general. As I'm continuing to do this, one of the key factors to my new routine is replacing a portion of my breakfast and dinner with a greens + fruit smoothie. I do this Monday to Friday, giving myself time to fuel up on actual foods during the weekends and increase my discipline towards cravings. I don't usually like eating spinach, but in some of these smoothies, I could barely even taste it! So here it is...
From top row to bottom row: 1. strawberry, mango, spinach; 2. banana, blueberry, spinach; 3. strawberry, banana, blueberry, spinach; 4. mango, raspberry, banana, spinach; 5. strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, spinach

Smoothie #2 was my absolute favorite! With this and my workout schedule, I find myself feeling healthier and more fit. I also noticed that I've significantly lost about 10lbs since I started doing this. Keep in mind that this is not my prime objective. I honestly don't care if I lose weight or not. I'd rather be healthy and be capable of beating someone up than be stick thin. I'm just trying these challenges out to create a much healthier lifestyle for myself. Look good? feel good? It's all good.

I surprisingly managed to stay quite cool in my outfit with this hot and humid weather. Although I'm pretty biased towards Forever 21 clothing because of the crappy construction of their merchandise, I loved the pattern on these harem pants and had to have them. Matched with a mint blouse from ASOS, and Ray-Ban aviators, I managed to get the splash of color I felt I needed. Paired with some strappy Marc Jacobs sandals and my mom's vintage Gucci crossbody, I was ready to go.


This 90-degree weather today was all about good food and good company. Today, I caught up with my big sister (yes, I'm in a sorority) and we ate at our usual spot: Saint's Alp Teahouse on 10th Street & 3rd Ave. On my way over there from the Union Square subway stop, I managed to cop me a free Honest Ade thy were giving out. I love when they give away free stuff around there! After our bubble tea and good food, we decided we were still hungry and she introduced me to the Vanilla Bean Mile Crepe Cake. It was my first time trying a crepe cake and it was a revelation to me. Maybe I'll try whipping one up sometime.

(From top left) Hue jeggings, Zara sandals, Victoria's Secret bandeaus, Topshop high-waisted bikini brief, Forever 21 pants, H&M dress, Topshop crop top, American Apparel disco pants, American Apparel disco shorts, Zara sandals
Vince Camuto Frankie sneaker wedges in black & gold
RayBan aviators in crystal blue mirror

I've been doing quite a bit of shopping lately. Mostly filling out my summer essentials list, along with some other alternatives and necessities. Also, I've lost a good amount of weight since the school year ended, so I needed a few everyday things as well. (So hooray for being healthier, but boo for old clothes I like not fitting :/) I'm slowly incorporating more color into my wardrobe, bit by bit and I'm having lots of fun with it. Also, I've learned that you can't truly put the sweaters away with this unpredictable NYC weather. One day it's 80 degrees and sunny, and the next it's a torrential downpour the whole day with temperatures barely reaching 70. So my parkas and utility jackets have become my best friends. But this upcoming weekend is supposed to be amazing, so I'm very much looking forward to that- especially since I finally have a weekend off from work. I think the last time I had a weekend off was my birthday back in December. Needless to say, I'm gonna have me some well-deserved fun.

From top left: Michael Kors Leather Zip Clutch // Pantone Universe Emerald iPhone 5 Case // H&M crop top
Ray-Ban Aviators // Helmut Lang Wrap Skirt // House of Harlow Necklace // Vince Camuto Bracelet // Topshop Bikini Top
Zara Fold Over Skorts // Topshop High Waisted Bikini Pants
Zara Flats // Zara Buckle Sandals // Zara Mid-Heel Sandals // Steve Madden Wedge Sandals

This summer, I'm all about incorporating pops of color into my usual neutral wardrobe. Since I have to wear black if I don't wear DKNY for work, it's really easy for me to gravitate toward that color for an easy outfit. But pops of color, from a pair of sunnies to a whole top, make a statement and transform an everyday neutral outfit into a bold statement. Because festival season and EDM is rapidly consuming me, I'm looking for lots of eye-catching neons and bright colors to join in the festivities and just wear casually, as well. Even though I'm working 5 days a week, there's still time when I'm able to enjoy my clothes and have some fun in the sun.

Wearing: Free People Lace Strapless Maxi Dress, pureDKNY Leather Jacket,
Boutique 9 Oxfords, American Apparel Circle Scarf, DKNY shades

 Goodbyes are always hard to do. Especially when you're saying goodbye to someone you love and won't see them for another 90 days. Today I saw off my boyfriend before he shipped off for his merchant marine cruise for the summer. I usually never go more than five days without seeing him and am always in constant contact with him via phone/text. So I can already tell this is going to be a rough summer for the both of us, with contact being limited to email alone. But we've been through more than just distance and I believe we'll manage. From the ring on my left hand, to the anchor pendant dangling around my neck, I'll always have little constant reminders that he's with me.

This summer, I'm going to surround myself with good company, new experiences, and a healthier lifestyle. For one reason or another, I feel the need to surround myself with things to do- distractions, ultimately, to make the time go by faster. The downside of that is that it's summer and the one time of the year where I have room to relax. But for now... I know I need to focus on the rest of my final papers and projects since this is my last week as a college junior. Needless to say, I have 40+ pages to write for multiple classes and I have yet to actually start. 

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